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If you would like to download and print the Kit List please click here.

Chard Equestrian Junior Camp Kit List

  • Passport (To be shown on arrival)
  • Head Collar & Leadrope
  • Saddle and Bridle inc Numnahs and Girth
  • Boots (if your pony needs them)
  • Rugs (depending on what your pony wears)
  • Grooming kit & plaiting kit– body brush and curry comb, dandy brush, hoof pick, hoof oil.
  • Fly spray.
  • Bucket, sponge, shampoo (optional) and sweatscraper
  • Tack cleaning kit
  • Free standing Saddle horse
  • Mucking out equipment
  • Water bucket
  • Haynet ( Haylage/hay will be available to buy )
  • Feed bucket and feed – (Available to buy onsite)
  • Hat (this must confirm to the following standard or you will not ride)

BSI Kitemark, SA1 Global Symbol, Official Snell label with number, The CE symbol alone is not enough.  PAS015: 1998 and Snell E2001 meet a higher impact criteria.  The SEI hat is not approved.  Parents are responsible for the correct fitting and condition of their child’s riding hat.

  • Body Protector (BETA approved and correctly fitted)
  • Gloves, whip, hairnet
  • Long Riding boots or boots and chaps for riding
  • Appropriate clothing for mucking out
  • Long sleeved top for cross-country
  • Waterproof Coat
  • Sun cream
  • Re – fillable water bottle

Friday – Competition Day – Don’t worry if you don’t have the below smart riding clothing will be suitable

  • Hacking/ Black/Blue jacket
  • Shirt and tie
  • Beige/cream jodhpurs



  • Bedding (Pillow , Duvet/sleeping Bag)
  • Nightware/Underware
  • Toiletries
  • Towels
  • Spare clothes for evening activities


Don’t worry if you forget any items, most of this is available to buy in our on-site shop