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Sponsorship Opportunities

Advertisement Boards

I am offering a limited number of advertisement boards at £300 for a season which will be situated

in a prime location around the arena for all visitors to see although they will not be visible from the

road; we can supply the boards if required.

Sponsor a ring for the year

We have 5 grass rings at Chard.

Two are predominantly used for Showjumping, one is used for showing classes, one for dressage and

one is set with Show Jumps and mini XC fences at 1’6’’ 2’ high for the beginners.

Each ring would give an excellent opportunity for company sponsorship. The ring would be “named”

as the Sponsor ring, with your advertisement board being displayed alongside the ring name board.

The company name would be used in all schedules where classes are held in that ring during the

year giving multiple coverage to the widest possible audience.

Sponsorship of a ring would cost £2000, and would include the display of your advertisement board.

Sponsor a XC fence for the year

Our XC course is growing and our course designers are actively at work designing and building new

and innovative fences.

Why not assist the designers by sponsoring a fence and challenging them to build something which

replicates your business……

Sponsorship from £300 a fence in our mini ring or from £500 on the main course (depending on your

outrageous build request)

Sponsor grass roots Showjumping on a show day

4 classes of show jumping at local level, competitors have the opportunity to qualify for various


Required – cost of 8 sets of rosettes 1 st – 3rd. (Option to include 4 th – 6 th place)

Name will be put on schedule and on ribbon of rosette and mentioned on numerous occasions

during the day.

Sponsorship cost – £100

Sponsor a class at our ODE

With classes ranging from 50cms to 1m there is something for everyone at our ODE to be held on

1sy May 2016.

Sponsorship of a class will cost £50 with the sponsor’s name being printed on the rosettes for the

class, we also think this is a great opportunity for companies to provide a prize or voucher to the

winning competitor.

Sponsor any of our British Showjumping classes

All British Showjumping classes have prize money, so either choose to sponsor the first prize money

or the prize money for a whole class

Name will be put on schedule and on the ribbon of rosette and mentioned on numerous occasions

during the day and to hand out the prizes to competitors of that class.

Classes range from 80cms to 1m30cm.

Sponsorship cost from £25-£1000 depending on the class

Sponsor a Showjumping Series

We will be running four series of competitions in the effort to encourage people to return to our

shows. The series will be incorporated into the classes at our shows; the four levels will be based on

the height of the jumps in the first round of the competitions, and will be 1 metre, 1.10 metre, 1.20

metre and 1.30 metre. The competitors will be awarded points depending on their results in the

competitions at that height during the year

1 st Place – 8 points

2 nd place – 6 points

3 rd place – 4 points

4 th place – 3 points

5 th place – 2 points

6 th place or any other award earning money – 1 point

The winner of the series will win an award – I am hoping to obtain a sponsor for each or all of the

series, with an aim of giving the winner of each series the following

1.00 metre series – £100

1.10 metre series – £200

1.20 metre series – £350

1.30 metre series – £500

Chard Equestrian will supply a sash for each series winner which will incorporate the Sponsors name.

I am open to options and suggestions on these and am willing to adapt them to suit any possible

willing sponsor.

Sponsor a day of dressage

For classes for any rider of any level to enjoy and gain experience. Required cost of 6 sets of rosettes

if you wish you could also provide 1st-3rd with prizes in kind e.g., vouchers to spend at your


Name will be put on the tail of rosettes.

Sponsorship cost £75 per day.

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